Learning Skills

Our aim is to ensure our pupils develop the following learning skills:

  • Creative – I can use all of my skills in my learning. I can think of lots of ways to solve a problem
  • Risk taker – I can have a go. I enjoy a challenge. I believe in myself.
  • Resilient – I don’t get upset when my learning is challenging. I keep going until I succeed.
  • Purposeful in our learning– I know what I am learning and why.
  • Effective communicator – I ask questions and ask for help. I can talk about how I feel. I am a good listener.
  • Self-motivated – I want to join in with my learning. I am an enthusiastic learner.
  • Reflective – I ask myself and others how things could have been done better. I think about what I would do differently next time.
  • Responsible – I know I want to be successful. I know it is up to me.

How do the Learning Skills work?

We focus on these skills throughout the term not just in our learning but also in response to national and global events.  In our Friday celebration assembly, one person from each class is awarded the Learning Skills certificate for the week. The whole school then celebrate how each person has demonstrated the learning skill in the classroom, wider school environment or in the wider community.