Welcome to Reception

In Reception we have an enthusiastic team who are dedicated to making each child’s first year of school a positive and successful start to their school life.

Poland Class Teachers: Mrs James and Mrs Warren.

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Blowfield and Mrs Macdonald

 United Kingdom Class Teacher: Mrs Wright

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Howes and Mrs Macdonald

After ensuring a smooth transition, which includes home visits, visits to previous settings, drop in and taster sessions, our popular Ready Steady Go picnic and a staggered start, children begin their exciting Reception Year in school.

We provide a stimulating environment which allows the children to play and explore following their own interests; all staff support the children, through quality interactions, to access the different areas in the classrooms and outdoor spaces. These areas include construction, graphics, role-play, small world, creative, maths and malleable. This environment fosters our belief that children make the best progress when they are deeply engaged in their play, and that as practitioners we can support progress by using the children’s interests to teach.

Our Storytelling approach enables children to deeply learn and retell key stories through story-mapping, story-stepping and lots of role-play and creative activities. This approach sets children on their way to become fabulous storytellers and writers! Helicopter stories are used to encourage children to tell us their own stories for us to scribe, and which are then acted out by the class. Children also take part in daily phonics sessions where they learn the letters, sounds and words through games, songs and activities. There are also daily Maths sessions to develop the children’s understanding of number, shape, space and measure.

Many of the wonderful learning moments and next steps are captured in the form of photograph, film and written observations. These are uploaded onto the children’s individual on-line Learning Journey (Tapestry) which parents access at home. We encourage comments and observations from home and understand that parental engagement is key to a child’s learning and development. We follow a focus child approach, meaning that each term, each child will have one week of being the focus child. During this week we will be particularly asking parents to share with us their observations of their child in written form or on Tapestry, and focus children will get the chance to share their Tapestry observations with the class. We also make email contact with the parents of focus children to discuss and celebrate their child’s progress.