Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to the depths of Africa where, amidst the giraffe, drongos and cape buffalo, you will find Miss De Bruyn, Mr De Brito and Mrs Johnson.

Mr De Brito teaches Madagascar class and has a real zest for learning. In his spare time he enjoys scuba diving and travelling. Mrs Johnson, who is passionate about teaching children is in Morocco class and when she isn’t teaching she enjoys spending time with her family. Miss de Bruyn teaches Kenya class and is the phase leader for Years 5 and 6. She enjoys sport and travelling.

In Year 6 we pride ourselves in teaching a abroad and balanced curriculum. Our aims are:
• To ensure that every pupil loves learning
• That pupils achieve their full potential
• That pupils are equipped with the skills that they need to succeed in secondary school and beyond
• That all pupils are well rounded individuals
• That pupils have self confidence
• That all pupils feel valued and appreciated

We feel strongly about having an open door policy and we are happy to help parents with any questions or issues that arise. As a team we are committed to providing our pupils with the best opportunities and experiences which will enable them to flourish as individuals.

Our Class Photos