Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to the Southern Hemisphere! Alongside our phase partners in Year 6, we are traversing the plains of Africa with Miss De Bryun (South Africa Class), Mrs Bodeker and Miss Manthorpe (The Gambia Class) and Miss Tierney (Egypt Class).

As teachers, we are passionate about helping children to be responsible, resilient learners who are kind and respectful to others. By the end of Year 5 we hope the children are confident in their own abilities and proud of their achievements. We want every child in our class to feel successful and empowered to go on and conquer the challenges of Year 6. As a team we want Year 5 to be a shining example of the brilliant learning and choices which make Stephen Freeman so special.

We completely understand the importance of Parents and the school working in partnership to create the best possible outcomes for children. 


Our ‘Go Green Day’ non-uniform day raised money to improve the school environment.