Our Curriculum Design

At Stephen Freeman Primary School, we believe that there are no limits to learning. As our school motto states, ‘Everybody, Every Moment, Every Idea Counts’ and we are committed to providing an engaging and rich curriculum.

  • Our curriculum is thematically planned; each topic consists of a ‘wow moment’ or activity to engage and immerse children in their learning.
  • Reading is at the heart of our curriculum. Each topic is linked to a high-quality text or story. We also use storytelling techniques, which inspire children to innovate and create their own narratives and creative thinking. As well as building up a repertoire of stories and texts, there is a focus on tiered vocabulary; children are giving the opportunity to discuss and debate issues, dilemmas and themes.
  • Our curriculum is purposeful and the learning journey finishes with an end product – you might see a group protest about deforestation, or buy a product from our entrepreneurs during Enterprise Week.
  • Our school environment and class displays reflect what the children are learning, demonstrate ownership and celebrate the progress and achievement of all our children.

Please click here to view our whole school curriculum overview.