Attainment Data

At Stephen Freeman, we nurture and empower everyone to aspire beyond their expectations by cultivating curiosity, celebrating individuality and creating life-long learners to contribute positively to the wider community.

To achieve this, all staff work hard to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is up-to-date, innovative and motivating.

Reading, writing and maths are at the heart of this curriculum. We believe that these core subjects are of fundamental importance in ensuring our pupils can achieve highly and access other subjects fully as they move through their education.  Our 8 learning skills are also pivotal in the development of life long leaners.  We want all of our pupils, and staff, to be self-motivated, responsible, reflective, resilient, creative, effective communicators, purposeful and willing to take learning risks.

Our curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to develop and apply these skills in a range of motivating contexts, helping them become confident learners and positive citizens.

The results of our latest end of Key Stage assessments in these core subjects are included below. Our evaluation and analysis of these results each year informs our ongoing school development planning, aimed at ensuring continual improvement in all aspects of our provision at Stephen Freeman.