Some of our Year 6 children have packed their bags this week to participate in a fun packed week of activities with In2Action in St Albans.  Here is a diary of their experiences:

Monday 3rd June 2019

At 9.30am, the bright-eyed and bushy tailed children bundled themselves and their suitcases, some rather large, into the coach and made their way to St Albans.  For many of our children, this will be the first experience of being away from home.

After a very smooth journey, the children unpacked  their belongings and immediately got down to action! The afternoon was filled with hoverboarding, bush craft activities and even playing The Cube.  After a quick change and a delicious dinner, the children then immersed themselves into the evening activities of flicking shoes and playing “Beat the Elite”.  For the first night, the staff were preparing for a late one – the last whisperings were heard at about 11pm.  Sleep well everyone!

Tuesday 4th June – Day 2

Much to our teachers’ surprise, we all had a good night of sleep and woke up eagerly for the day ahead. The children have started to write their own blog –

“We have been climbing, wearing blindfolds, sniffing shoes, balancing on wires and scaring ourselves silly!

The meals have been amazing and have given us so fuel ready for our busy days.

We even had to do some climbing and catching at the same time.”

Mr Bews is incredibly proud of how well the children are behaving and “surviving”.  Sadly it had been raining today but it hasn’t put a dampened on the children’s spirits. The children took part in a brain taxing quiz!

“We had a great day today – even in the rain.  We have eaten well – 3 hot meals.  Yum Yum.  Had 5 great activities and we really want to do it all again tomorrow.” – Phoebe and Charlotte

Wednesday 5th June – Day 3

“6.45am – Another fabulous nights sleep.  The children have been amazing.  Mr Bews is getting enough beauty sleep and is not too grumpy!  Another brilliant day ahead.  No one else is up yet – wake up call in 15 minutes.” – Mr Bews.

The day has been another great one!  Great fun in the water rollers and on the hoverboards.  Skill and balance were required with the crate stacking and then Water Wars was the chance for the teachers to get their own back on the children!  Sadly, it backfired and the teachers ended up getting wetter than the children.  The children worked hard in teams to design and build their own buggies and we still have the scrap heap challenge to go……..

Thursday 6th June – Day 4

One of the groups had time for den building today. They had great fun and worked well together – not sure whether it will keep them dry though!

” Another brilliant day. We have stacked crates – and fallen from a great height. Built dens and played in the woods. Bounced in the Aeroball. Rolled across the water and built giant buggies.

Now time for the D.I.S.C.O……….

Friday 7th June – Day 5

The children have packed their cases, eaten a hearty breakfast and have already embarked on their last activities; bushcraft, archery and den building all in the rain! We are ready to come home and catch up on our sleep…………